Show Offs: Show Tunes Spotify Playlist
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Ever hear that one song and suddenly you just have to tip your head back and let loose? We know how you feel! Here at Show Offs, that musical magic happens all the time. So we've thrown together a playlist of our favorite Broadway show tunes to help you join in the fun!

What are you waiting for? Grab the nearest object, make it a mic, and press play on this Show Offs Spotify playlist!

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If you don't have Spotify, no worries! Use the playlist below to see what songs are on our Show Offs playlist and download them yourself on Apple Music, YouTube, or whatever platform you use to listen to music.

If you are a Spotify user, be sure to follow BYUtv for easy access to our playlists! We're excited to frequently roll out new playlists for BYUtv shows and hope you'll listen in with us.


Miss an episode of Season 1, or just want to relive some classic improv comedy? Watch the entire first season below!

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