Relative Race Season 3: Meet Team Red
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Last week, we introduced you to Team Black of Relative Race Season 3. Today, we are excited for you to meet Troy and Nicole Hitt of Team Red!

Find out about who they want to meet, what they're looking forward to the most, who the better cook is, and even how Troy almost passed out when he proposed to Nicole below:

BYUtv: How are you related?

Nicole: We're married.

Troy: We're related because we're married.

Nicole: Right.

Troy: Um, this is my spouse, and I'm her spouse.

BYUtv: Describe your partner in one word

Nicole: Hot. Can I say hot?

Troy: Yeah, you can.

Troy: I was gonna describe you as determined, but now I feel like my answer is no good.

BYUtv: Favorite memory of your partner

Nicole: My favorite memory of my team mate would be probably whenever he proposed because as you can tell, he is a big guy and he proposed and I don't know if he thought I was gonna say no, but he was shaking so bad I thought he was going to pass out and I told him, if he does I was just gonna move out of the way. That was like, you're gonna go down, I'm gonna move out of the way so, but it was really sweet. That was probably my favorite memory.

Troy: My favorite memory of her is when I first met her and I walked in the office and we made eye contact and she quickly looked away and she pretended like she was typing.

Nicole: I was really typing.

Troy: It was like, there was no words. Those were just letters. She's not working, that's my favorite memory.

Nicole: I was really typing.

BYUtv: Who do you want to meet?

Nicole: I'm hoping we meet his real father, biological dad.

Troy: Well, that's it. I really want to meet my real father. So, that's it, that's really why I'm here.

BYUtv: Biggest Strength

Nicole: I would say persistence.

Troy: Yeah, I think the communication part of it is gonna be our biggest strength. We go back and forth pretty often so we'll be able to communicate. That's a strong suit.

BYUtv: Most looking forward to?

Nicole: I'm looking forward to just not knowing really where we're going and just going. Kind of the adventure part of it.

Troy: Yeah, the road trip part, we love road trips so, you know, the longer the better, so if they say, hey, you've gotta go cross-country, I'm like, sweet.

BYUtv: Better Driver

Nicole: I am.

Troy: You would be the better driver.

Nicole: I'm a better driver.

BYUtv: Better Cook

Nicole: Oh, me.

Troy: Oh, wow. Yeah, that would be you. Maybe all the answers are you. You are defintely a better cook.

BYUtv: Most clean

Troy: I'm kinda the neat freak.

Nicole: You're a little OCD about neatness. But, I keep the house clean.

BYUtv: Better Singer

Nicole: Troy.

Troy: Definitely me.

BYUtv: Most Athletic

Nicole; Oh, it'd be him.

Troy: Yeah, definitely be me. So, we kinda balance each other out.

Nicole: We do.

Troy: She is super-coordinated.

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