Getting to Know The Mother of War
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So far, we've met Susan Weebers, Batman, Señor Lobster Bisque, Robert the Artist, Prince Charming, the Yellow Justice Ranger, Ann Withers, Pinocchio, and Royal Duke!

And today, we're excited for our most intense interview yet with none other than The Mother of War. Check it out!

Getting to Know The Mother of War

We don't want to give any spoilers but her favorite food is not your average food…

Mother of War: I wake up screaming, every day. Always a battle. Night terrors and PTSD, so.

BYUtv: What do you do for fun?

Mother of War: Mostly feast on the hearts of men.

BYUtv: What is your favorite food?

Mother of War: The hearts of men.

BYUtv: What is your favorite animal?

Mother of War: The griffin. Something, something that's a ferocious beast, but also kind of a freak.

BYUtv: What is your favorite movie?

Mother of War: Clueless.

BYUtv: What is your favorite dance move?

Mother of War: Um, I like the--Bow and arrow, shoot 'em in the heart. Bow and arrow, shoot 'em in the heart. Boom, boom, boom, they're dead. You know that one? It's good, we'll sing it on people's corpses.

BYUtv: What is one word that describes you?

Mother of War: Fierce…? Bloodthirsty. Bloodthirsty for sure.

BYUtv: What is your favorite Studio C sketch?

Mother of War: Um, the one where Attila the Hun is dying. Oh, I would have loved to be there for that. That's a really…a really good one. I don't laugh at it, I just…watch. So excited. For the moment when his soul leaves his body.

Watch her favorite sketch below! It seems very fitting for this to be her favorite Studio C sketch…

BYUtv: What is your favorite war tactic?

Mother of War: You know, I'm a simple-- I'm a straightforward woman. I like, I came up with this one myself: sneak up from behind. I-I invented that. Before, everyone was just going front to front. But now I'm like, Hey, guess what, look over there. Oh! I'm behind you.

That was my idea.

Studio C is Coming Back in February!

Sure there's love in the air, but more importantly, Studio C is back! Starting February 4, 2018, at 6pm MT, Season 9 is back on its weekly schedule and we're excited to see The Mother of War (and more of your favorite characters) on Studio C Season 9!

Season 9 Schedule

Grab your calendar and pencil these dates in. Trust us when we say there are still many more laughs to be had!

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