Relative Race Season 4: Meet Team Green
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Today, we're excited to introduce you to Paris and Preshious Anderson of Team Green on Season 4 of Relative Race!

Find out about who they want to meet on the race, their strengths and weaknesses, and MORE below:

Paris: I'm Paris Anderson.

Preshious: I'm Preshious Anderson.

Paris: We're from Akron, Ohio.

Preshious: We're Team Green and we've been married for

Paris: five years.

BYUtv: Describe your partner in one word.

Preshious: Laid back.

Paris: It's hard to find one.

Preshious: Smart.

Paris: Nah, I can't just throw you out there like that. Detailed.

BYUtv: Why did you want to be a part of Relative Race?

Preshious: I want to find my biological parents.

Paris: I want to support her on her journey and find anyone in my family that I'm unaware of. Just build a relationship and having fun and win.

Preshious: [laughs] Yeah.

BYUtv: Where do you think you will go on the race?

Preshious: I want to go to California. I want to go to Florida. So, I'm hoping we go those two places.

Paris: Definitely expecting to go to California. I want to go there. I've never been there. And maybe Miami?

BYUtv: What do you think will be your biggest strength?

Paris: Our biggest strength, I think is strategizing, just thinking of quick and effective ways to get things done.

Preshious: He's a big shortcut person and I'm more the strategizing person so I think balancing both of that is going to be a good strength.

BYUtv: What do you think will be your biggest weakness?

Preshious: He doesn't have a lot of patience to me, so I think he'll get easily frustrated.

Paris: And she panics.

Preshious: Yeah.

Paris: She panics a lot. So her panicking might be--

Preshious: With his frustration, that might we don't want to do that at the same time. We need one person to be and the other person.

BYUtv: What is your team strategy?

Paris: I would say that our team strategy is just to play off my strengths and playing off of her strengths. We both know what each other's strengths are.

Preshious: I think we need to figure out what the goal is and figure out who's the best person to start off and work from there to get us where we need to be.

BYUtv: Tell us about your family.

Preshious: We have two kids, we have a seven-year-old daughter and an almost four-year-old boy, and their birthdays are five days apart. They keep us nice and busy.

Paris: We have a reckless son and an adventurous daughter.

BYUtv: What does your family think about the race?

Paris: The three-year-old really doesn't care, our seven-year-old has questions.

Preshious: She's like, oh you guys left me. We miss you.

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