“This Show Was Meant for Me”: Catch up with Relative Race’s Joe & Maddie Greer
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Before embarking on the race again—this time as a photographer—Season 2’s Joe Greer told us all about making memories with family he didn’t know he had, and his unique perspective of experiencing Relative Race both as contestant and as a photographer.

Season 3 of Relative Race began filming in Washington, D.C. earlier this week, and we got the chance to sit down with Joe Greer for a Facebook live Q&A session before he embarked on the race again—this time as a photographer! We’ve all been looking forwarding to an update from Joe and Maddie Greer ever since watching their incredible journey unfold on Season 2. Read memorable moments from our interview with Joe below, or watch the entire broadcast here.

BYUtv: What was it like to be a contestant on Relative Race?

Joe: I never imagined myself doing something like this, but at the same time I feel like this show was meant for me. Without the show, I would have literally missed everything. I would still be in the same position. It came about at the right time…

BYUtv: How has your life changed since the race?

Joe: Lots has happened in the last year—personally, emotionally, with family, professionally. Relative Race has radically changed my life for the better. It has given me the opportunity to explore relationships I had no idea existed. It has helped me repair and rebuild my idea of family and what I want for the future with myself and Maddie. It’s been tough but it’s been very rewarding…

BYUtv: What was it like to meet your father on the show?

Joe: For twenty-eight years I hadn’t known he was out there, and I met him in the last ten months of his life. I’m thankful that I met him when I did, and I’m thankful that it happened on a television show and that Maddie got to experience that. I’m grateful we can go back and watch it whenever we want, especially since he’s passed. Being able to meet him was one of the best gifts I’ve had in a long time. Ultimately it led me to more family on that side that I had no idea existed, and I’m glad I got to meet him and find out about who he was and where he came from…

BYUtv: What has it been like to get to know your sisters?

Joe: It’s been such a treat! People will always ask about meeting my dad, and that was an incredible moment, but I think my favorite day of the race was when I met my sisters. With my sisters there was a deeper connection that has carried on. We’re just enjoying every minute that we have with each other and making up for lost time…

BYUtv: What do you think experiencing Relative Race as a photographer will be like?

Joe: I think it will be easy for me to relate to my team and be a source of encouragement—it’s a crazy, hard experience but it’s worth it. I am very excited and honored to be here. I think it’s going to be different and exhausting and challenging, but a totally different set of challenges. Now I can focus on my craft and capturing the team I’m with. I have images from our Season 2 photographer that are very special to me. I want to be present and sharp so I can document my team’s journey…

Our sincerest thanks to Joe for taking the time to chat with us! Want to know more? Watch the full Facebook live interview above to find out about the Greers’ recent move to the Big Apple, what Joe’s favorite Relative Race challenge was, and his expert advice for future competitors.

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