Relative Race Season 5: More with Team Black
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More With Team Black

On Day 6 of Season 5 of Relative Race, Team Black received their 3rd strike on the race.

While they can no longer win the $50,000 grand prize, their journey isn't completely over. (Psst! Tune in to Relative Race on Sunday for a Team Black surprise!)

A huge thank you to Kristen and Kaley for sharing their journey with us on Relative Race! Scroll down for one last game and a Team Black Relative Race recap:

Finish the Sentence…

Relative Race Recap

Join us as we recap some of our favorite memories from Team Black's incredible journey.

Meeting their first family member:

Getting that first place win:

Testing out their baseball skills:

Keep Watching the Race

There are still four more days left on Season 5 of Relative Race. Don't miss our three remaining teams compete for the grand prize of $50,000 on Sundays at 9 ET | 6 PT.

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