Relative Race Season 6: Meet Team Black
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Season 6: Meet Team Black!

You've met Team Red, Team Blue, and Team Green. Now, last but not least, introducing Jenn and J.D. Barnes—Team Black on Season 6 of Relative Race!

Watch the video below to find out how humor is this team's biggest weakness and also their biggest strength!

J.D.: I'm J.D. Barnes.

Jenn: I'm Jenn Barnes. We've been married for 29 years.

J.D.: And we live in Draper, Utah. We're Team Black.

BYUtv: Describe your partner in one word.

Jenn: Focused.

J.D.: Compassionate.

BYUtv: Who are you hoping to meet?

J.D.: Hoping to meet as many new people as possible.

BYUtv: What is your game strategy?

Jenn: To not lose our cool with each other. We've got to be patient and keep the perspective where the perspective needs to be.

BYUtv: What is your biggest strength?

J.D.: Oh, what is our strength? I think our strength is that we have a lot of fun. We play together constantly, and so we will make this adventure a playful, fun adventure.

BYUtv: What is your biggest weakness?

J.D.: Jenny. Our biggest weakness I think is sometimes we lack seriousness in our attempt to try to have fun.

Jenn: Yeah.

BYUtv: What city would you love to visit on the race?

Jenn: I don't think we've even thought about that.

J.D.: West Valley?

Jenn: Chicago would be fun.

J.D.: We've visited Chicago before.

Jenn: I know, it would just be fun to go back.

J.D.: It'd be fun to go back.

Jenn: But, I'm a little afraid of the big cities, like if we could go rural, then we'd be much better with map reading, that way.

J.D.: You think?

Jenn: Less chance to get totally lost, I think. Yeah.

J.D.: Yeah, but like go on Bubba Street, down to Bubba Joe Street, that might be hard.

Jenn: I don't know.

BYUtv: What is your road-trip snack of choice?

J.D.: Diet Coke.

Jenn: Chips.

Jenn: Candy of any kind.

J.D.: Candy of any kind. Holy Cow. You don't get this body without candy.

BYUtv: What is your team motto?

Jenn: Go, fight, win. I don't know, what's our team motto?

J.D.: My motto in my life is to change lives, so maybe our motto could be changing lives.

Jenn: Including ours.

J.D.: Mostly ours.

Jenn: Yeah.

J.D.: We're selfish that way.

BYUtv: What is one thing you could never live without?

J.D.: My girl.

Jenn: Our family.

BYUtv: If you win, how will you spend the $50,000 grand prize?

Jenn: A trip with our family.

J.D.: Toenail clippers.

Jenn: A trip with our family.

J.D.: We will take our entire family on a trip.

Jenn: Yeah. A big, fun trip.

Season 6 of Relative Race COMING SEPTEMBER 22ND!

Season 6 premieres September 22nd at 8 ET | 5 PT! Be sure to follow Relative Race on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for more exciting announcements as Season 6 draws closer!

You've met all the teams—now check back here next week to find out which team you're most like!

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