Get Inspired and Get to Work: Behind the Premiere Episode of The New Creatives
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BYUtv's latest original series, The New Creatives, premiered last night with an episode that is sure to awaken your inner artist. We enlisted host Austin Craig to tell us more about the episode by writing an exclusive blog post. Watch the episode on-demand right here, and then keep reading below to delve into cartoonist and illustrator Jake Parker's unique creative process from Austin's behind-the-scenes perspective.

It was a thrill to see our show air last night on BYUtv. The pilot episode with Jake Parker was fun to make, but more than that, it was a fantastic start to the season. Jake's years of creative work and insight really set the tone for the series. Here are some of my personal takeaways from working with Jake Parker.

Finished is better than perfect.

When you're making something creative, there are a lot of decisions to make, and it can be intimidating to think you'll mess it up. The vision in your own mind can seem so perfect, but physical reality is rarely so flawless. It might even get ugly.

Do it anyway.

Get it done, even with rough edges, even with obvious areas for improvement. Because guess what? Doing and finishing the work is the best and really only way to improve. And when you're improving, those old "flaws" will seem totally unimportant next to your newer (and better) work.

People overestimate what they can do in a day, and underestimate what they can do in a year.

Sometimes ideas come in a flash, fully-formed, or at least compelling enough as a general notion. It can happen quickly. But the work…that takes time. The only way to get ambitious creative work done is a little bit at a time, consistently, for a long time. It can seem like you're not making progress. It can feel like the effort isn't gaining momentum or building fast enough. But be patient. Be diligent. Keep going. Little by little, it adds up. You'll be amazed at what even a few minutes every day can accomplish in months, a year, or more.

Design 100 Somethings

And, of course, Jake's challenge from the episode is fantastic advice. The simple act of repetition, of practice, will sharpen your skills and stretch your creative mind. Just when you think you're running out of steam is right when some of the best ideas will come. Whatever your thing is—whether writing, drawing, painting, sculpting, filming, anything—do it 100 times. Make some rules that you work within, and don't try to be too grandiose. A simple repeated experience can produce an impressive body of work and make you all the sharper for it. And when you do, post it online with #TNCMy100 so we can see what you've created!

There was so much more we learned from Jake. In fact, a lot of it didn't make it into the 25-minute episode. Be sure to follow The New Creatives on Facebook and Instagram for more inspiration and coaching from Jake—including how to build a story, design characters, share your crowdfunding campaign, and why you shouldn't be protective of your ideas. He's really a gold mine of wisdom on the creative pursuit. You could follow Jake online, too. He's prolific on social media.

If you liked this episode, you're going to love what we have coming next. Thanks, all.

Remember, don't just watch stuff. Make stuff.

Special thanks to Austin Craig for sharing his insight and, of course, for bringing us The New Creatives. Stay tuned on Tuesdays at 8:30pm MT for brand-new episodes.

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