Relative Race Season 6: Meet Team Green
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Season 6: Meet Team Green!

You've met Team Red and Team Blue, and now it's time to give a big welcome to Chris and DeShae Pardon—Team Green on Season 6 of Relative Race!

Find out how this couple complements each other and how they work around their biggest weakness in the video below!

DeShae: I'm DeShae Pardon.

Chris: I'm Chris Pardon.

DeShae: We're from Ruston, Louisiana, and we've been married seven years, together for ten. And we have one son together. His name's Houston and he's three.

BYUtv: Describe your partner in one word.

Chris: Crazy.

DeShae: Calm.

BYUtv: Who are you hoping to meet?

DeShae: I'm hoping to meet anyone in my biological family. I don't know anyone in my family, so I think anyone—specifically would love to meet any biological parent or sibling that I might have out there. So yeah. I'm really excited.

BYUtv: What is your game strategy?

DeShae: Don't lose.

Chris: Don't lose, yeah. Our game strategy is to keep our secrets. We work really well together. I am the calm to her crazy. She's very task-oriented, focused, and I'm more go with the flow, so I think it will work out very well.

BYUtv: What is your biggest strength?

DeShae: The fact that we're opposites, so I may have a plan, but he'll help me execute it, so I think that will work. We complement each other really well.

BYUtv: What is your biggest weakness?

Chris: Our biggest weakness would be being in the car for very long hours together. She's not a fan of my driving, which doesn't really matter. She'll just close her eyes and we'll make it through.

BYUtv: What city would you love to visit on the race?

DeShae: Ooo, Seattle, Chicago, Charleston?

Chris: That would be good.

DeShae: Yeah. Any of those.

BYUtv: What is your road-trip snack of choice?

DeShae: Beef jerky and coffee for him.

Chris: Yeah.

DeShae: Um, sugar-free energy drink for me and a protein bar. I’m good. Water.

BYUtv: What is your team motto?

DeShae: Our team motto is don't lose.

Chris: Don't lose.

BYUtv: What is one thing you could never live without?

DeShae: My sweet husband. No, I'm just kidding—it's my phone. It's my phone.

Chris: Yeah. Mine's coffee. And my wife, I guess.

BYUtv: If you win, how will you spend the $50,000 grand prize?

Chris: So, when we win, we actually will save a little bit. We do have a youngster that will have to go to college one day. And we would love to do a lot more traveling.

Chris: Traveling.

Season 6 of Relative Race COMING SEPTEMBER 22ND!

Season 6 premieres September 22nd at 8 ET | 5 PT! Be sure to follow Relative Race on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for more exciting announcements as Season 6 draws closer!

If you loved this "getting to know you" interview, don't forget to check back here next week to meet Team Black!

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