Catch up with Relative Race’s Leo and Rolexis Schinsing
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Leo & Rolexis Schinsing—you’ll remember them as Team Red on Season 2 of Relative Race. The Schinsing's are the fun-loving parents of two little ones, and are from New Orleans, LA. Leo is an operator at a thermal plant, and Rolexis is a makeup artist. We caught up with the couple to see what they have been up to since competing on Season 2 of Relative Race, and to get some words of advice. Check it out!

How did being a part of Relative Race change your life?

Schinsing's: "We're famous now." LOL. Just kidding! It's one of those lifetime opportunities that we are able to look back on; fun "EXCITING" times that we can share our experiences with our family and friends. Being able to connect with relatives that we never met before is such an icing on the cake experience. Knowing that we have more family that we never knew. We definitely look forward to telling our children as they get older about our Relative Race "ADVENTURE".

What is going on in your lives right now?

Schinsing's: We are still nearing the completion of our home that we were renovating from the beginning of Relative Race; and we're still trying to catch our breath from the final race LOL.

Have you been in touch with relatives you met on Season 2? Have you met any new relatives?

Schinsing's: YES!! We have been in touch with family on both sides periodically and we also met a relative that was a potential runner up on the show and she is very sweet as well. She reached out to us after the show!

What’s a hilarious (or crazy) moment that happened during Relative Race that didn’t end up airing on the show?

Schinsing's: Oh my gosh!! Okay during the race Rolexis experienced blisters and her skin peeling off from her tennis shoes rubbing the back of her ankles, and though she was trying to be a trooper; one of our crew members by the name of MARK REBER who was one of our paparazzi's, went out and purchased new tennis shoes for Rolexis to continue on the next days of challenges. We so love our crew. It was hard work with everything we endured but the relationship bond we had with our crew was awesome! We became a family together on the road.

What would you encourage Relative Race fans to take away from the show?

Schinsing's: We encourage you AWESOME Relative Race fans all over the world to reach out and find new relatives like relative race has done for us and enjoy every moment with them.

What advice would you give to future competitors on Relative Race?

Schinsing's: Our advice for you future competitors, make sure you pee before the race because it may just cause to come in second place LOL. Just kidding! Remember it is NOT just about the money you race for but it is about the lives you meet that ENRICH you.

What advice would you give to people wanting to connect with more family members?

Schinsing's: Bring pepper spray just in case, "Ha Ha". Nah, since social media is such a big platform, use the tools that are at hand.

Our sincerest thanks to the Schinsing's for taking the time to chat with us! If you missed our interview with Joe Greer (team black) from season 2, check it out right here!

As always, you can watch season 2 of Relative Race, right here on BYUtv.

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