Season 2 of Just Like Mom and Dad with Kylee and Sandy
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Find Out What's Coming in Season 2 of Just Like Mom and Dad

The premiere of Just Like Mom and Dad Season 2 is tonight, October 22, 2018, at 6pm MT, and we are so excited for another season of questions and questionable baking!

Season 2 has some fun changes, so we met up with co-hosts, Kylee and Sandy, to give us an idea of what to expect this season.

Watch the video below to find out what is different on Season 2 of Just Like Mom and Dad, what their favorite memory on the show has been so far, and more!

BYUtv: What things can people expect to see from the new episodes?

Sandy: One big thing is that we have older kids this year. We have some teenagers on the show and their answers are a little bit different than the younger kids for sure. And also they have more skills in the kitchen, and so we had to step up our recipes and put more difficulty in there.

Kylee: They're actually baking lasagnas and shepherd's pies and mac'n'cheese.

Sandy: They have some skills. They really do. And yet somehow they end up being pretty disgusting.

BYUtv: What’s your favorite part of Just Like Mom and Dad?

Sandy: I get to work with my wife every day and see all the different outfits she has on.

Kylee: I guess I should say that my favorite part of working on Just Like Mom and Dad is also working with Sandy.

Sandy: Uh, that would have been awkward.

Kylee: Yeah.

Sandy: We also love the kids and the families, obviously,--

Kylee: Yes we do.

Sandy: Because it makes every single episode completely different.

BYUtv: Between you both, who would be the baker and who would be the taste tester?

Sandy: That's an easy one. [points to Kylee] baker. [points to himself] taste-tester. Easy one.

BYUtv: What’s it like working with kids and families compared to solely adults?

Kylee: We had a family today that was really great, I asked the question, what is one thing that your kid does all the time that you would still love to do and she said, "Play." That's the answer, the kids are just playful with their answers, while the parents are not, they're--

Sandy: Pretty true. Kylee: Yeah.

BYUtv: What has been your favorite moment from filming the show?

Kylee: We had a little boy win a trip already this season and he just started crying and he was so overcome with emotion and joy and I said, "Why are you crying?" And he said, "Because I never thought I'd be able to buy my family a vacation!"

Sandy: Oh, that's pretty amazing. I was crying because I wasn't going on the vacation.

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