Relative Race Season 4: Inside Day 6
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Last night on Day 6 of Relative Race, Team Black made a questionable pitstop, Team Green reconnected with an important family member, and Team Red crushed the team challenge. Watch the entire sixth episode below to catch all the action!

And for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the teams while they're on the race, keep scrolling!

Watch Day 6

There is a strike on the line for Day 6! Find out who finishes the day in first place and who goes to bed with a strike:

Team Vlogs From Day 6

Get some exclusive looks at what the teams are thinking and experiencing after Day 6 in the race!

Team Green: Necessities

Team Black: Road Trip Essentials

Team Red: Avoiding Hanger

Catch up with Relative Race

If you have missed any episodes of Relative Race, you can watch them on-demand on BYUtv or on the BYUtv app.

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