Studio C Baby Spotlight: Mallory Everton
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This weekend Studio C posted two baby spotlights on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and fans just can't get enough of these adorable baby cast photos (can you blame them?). It's all part of the #MaternityC campaign for the winter break of Season 6. New episodes resume on February 8, but until then the cast continues to celebrity the maternity leave break (inspired by Whitney Call and Stephen Meek's new baby boy).

The latest feature is of Mallory Everton, complete in her darling bunny romper outfit. Read Mallory's fun baby facts below:

How many pounds were you when born? "7 lbs. 15 oz."

How many inches were you when born? "20 inches."

Where were you born? "I was born in Portland, OR."

What’s something interesting about your birth story? " Something random about my birth story is that my oldest brother (who was 11 at the time) was actually the one who ended up naming me. My parents were thinking of either Taylor or Riley, but Mallory was brought up in the last few weeks of my mom’s pregnancy (inspired by Michael J. Fox’s sister on Family Ties). Once I was born he told everyone it was Mallory before either of my parents had a chance to discuss it--so that was that."

What did your mom crave when she was pregnant with you? "My mom said she craved avocado and salty things."

What was your favorite baby toy? "A stuffed cat that one of my siblings gave me (I went through a disturbingly long and intense cat phase in my childhood)."

As a baby, your personality was most like which Studio C character? "My mom said that as a baby I was most like Jeremy in Labor Pains because all I did was scream and cry because I had extremely bad colic. "

Your parents’ theme song for your arrival to the family would have been… "My mom said the 'Hallelujah Chorus' because they were so happy to have me, but honestly that’s just my mom--she’s the sweetest. If I were to pick one, based on the fact that I was the 6th child for my parents, I think it would be either 'Help!' by the Beatles or 'Crazy' by Gnarls Barkley. Or Britney Spears for that matter."

Thanks for sharing with us your baby facts, Mallory! Watch more #MaternityC promo videos here.

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