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More with Team Red

On Day 10 of Relative Race, Team Red raced across Washington D.C., completing challenges and collecting enough coins to land them as the 2nd place winners of Season 3 of Relative Race.

In celebration of Troy and Nicole's journey on Relative Race, watch them go head-to-head in some Minute To Win It games, get to know them even MORE in some unseen video footage, take a trip down memory lane as we recap their 10-day adventure, and see what Troy says to sum up their journey.

Unseen Videos of Team Red

We put Team Red to the test with these Minute To Win It games:

Get to know Team Red even MORE:

Race Recap

With 10 days in the race, Team Red completed a lot of challenges and met a lot of new family members. We recapped some of the things they did each day to help you remember their journey!

Here are some challenges they completed and the family they met during the race!

  • Day 1: Identified the country of origin of six dishes and met Troy's cousin Debbie Bowen.

  • Day 2: Went through a wildland fire training course and shot a bow with Troy's cousin Roberto Ramirez.

  • Day 3: Went fishing with Troy's cousin Ron Pletcher.

  • Day 4: Met Troy's cousin Jacob McMichael who showed Team Red their family tree and Troy realizes his father has passed away. They also earned their first strike.

  • Day 5: Dominated the Superhero test and met Troy's cousins Trish Bell and Terri Jerome.

  • Day 6: Performed Cross Fit challenges and looked through Troy's father's belongings with cousin David Harmon. Also won first place and received a Day 10 benefit.

  • Day 7: Completed an obstacle course and walked into a surprise party planned by Troy's aunt Diana Rodrigues Wilson. Earned their 2nd strike.

  • Day 8: Played "Guess the Tune" using a flute and ate dinner with Nicole's relative Sherry Higginbotham.

  • Day 9: Tested their knowledge and acting skills by playing Adverb Charades and went bowling with Troy's cousin Diane Christiansen. Tied with Team Blue for last place and moved onto Day 10!

  • Day 10: Raced across Washington D.C., and earned enough coins to land them in 2nd place at the end of the race.

What Team Red Won

Troy Hitt summed up their journey by saying, “We did not win the 50k, but what we did win is what many people look for. Many people just want family, and we got it. It has been a fantastic journey.”

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