Relative Race Season 6: More with Team Blue
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More With Team Blue

Congratulations to Anitra and Paul of Team Blue for making it all the way to Day 10 of Relative Race!

Though they didn't win the $50,000 grand prize, there are more prizes than money in this race, and, after 939 miles, Team Blue is headed home 15 relatives richer.

Before they go, watch them play one last game!

Relative Race Recap

We have so many favorite moments with Team Blue, but let's take a look back at just a few of them.

Figuring out the catapult challenge: Episode 2

Meeting Anitra's sister: Episode 5

Playing animal charades: Episode 7

Meeting Anitra's dad: Episode 9

Best of wishes, Anitra and Paul, on the next part of your journey!

Rewatch Relative Race

Season 6 of Relative Race is just too good to only watch once! Catch all your favorite moments from the season again anytime on BYUtv.

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