Catch Up With Relative Race's Heather and Bradley Randall
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Heather and Bradley—you’ll remember them as Team Green on Season 1 of Relative Race. She's an extroverted stay-at-home mother, and he is an introverted auditor for an accounting firm. We caught up with the couple to see what they have been up to since competing on Season 1 of Relative Race, and they have some exciting news about an additional family member! Check it out.

What is going on in your lives right now?

Heather: We have gone from a family of three to a family of four! We have a new addition to the Randall family named Brooklyn Elise Randall and she has been keeping us very busy! She was born in the heat of Arizona summer. I am still staying home with the kids and Bradley is working as an accountant for a home builder.

How did being a part of Relative Race change your life?

Heather: Being a part of Relative Race allowed us to form relationships with relatives as well as the other teams we competed with. After the show we have been able to get to know them at a deeper level and we will definitely cherish our new friends. We never would have met the other couples if it had not been for the Relative Race. I would definitely consider them family of a different sort, although we are not a DNA match!

Have you been in touch with relatives you met on Season 1?

Heather: Yes! We have been in touch with relatives we met on Season 1. We met some amazing people while competing on the show. We have kept in touch with Sharron and Doran from Utah, together we cheer on their son Garett Bolles who got drafted to the Broncos shortly after we visited their house (Garett was the gentleman on the bridge that handed us our clue). Also, Wanda & Austin from Texas met us in Sedona, Arizona for the 4th of July weekend and spoiled us rotten! We have stayed in touch with Kristy from Missouri and plan to visit them again one day in the near future!

What advice would you give to future competitors on Relative Race?

Heather: I would tell them to be prepared for anything and just enjoy the journey! Do not get too wrapped up in the competition that you forget to have fun with your spouse and relatives. It was so rewarding to meet each family member and to get to know my spouse on a new level.

What’s a hilarious (or crazy) moment that happened during Relative Race that didn’t end up airing on the show?

Heather: For one of our challenges, on our way to meet Wanda and Austin, we were asked to touch one of the cars at the tourist site. The cars were planted in a field of grass land. It was quite the jog to touch the car and the grass triggered an allergic reaction for me. My throat closed up and I could no longer breathe but I continued to (crazily) drive while Bradley fed me allergy medication. Luckily, there was allergy medication handy in the backseat of the car.

What would you encourage Relative Race fans to take away from the show?

Heather: Finding family members along side of your spouse is the most bonding experience you will ever have. Together you can have moments you will forever cherish and it could change your relationship in wonderful ways.

What advice would you give to people wanting to connect with more family members?

Heather: Do it! You will not regret connecting with more family members. There is a sense of well-being and comfort in knowing that you are not alone. Your family members will also be very happy you took the time to reach out to them.

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