Studio C: One Billion Views Celebration
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That's one billion, with a "B"…which is a LOT of love. Thank you for watching Studio C, we couldn't have hit this "1 BILLION VIEWS" milestone without you! To celebrate we went head-to-head with some fellow YouTubers in these challenges:

  • The "Labor Pains Trivia" challenge
  • The "Peanut Butter Hairstyle" challenge
  • The "Slip N Slide Slime Spelling Dunk Tank" challenge
  • The "Speedy Water/Paint Balloon" challenge

Trust us, these challenges are everything you hope they'll be…it's a "one billion views" type of celebration, after all. See for yourself:

Here are some of our favorite moments from the celebration!

This kind of celebration calls for a lot of favorite moments, but here are a few that we especially loved.

Stephen on the birth simulator:

When "Team YouTube" guessed one of the correct answers on the "Peanut Butter Hairstyle" challenge:

Matt and Jared, about to get dumped in some ice cold water:

Take a second and meet the YouTube Team!

These challeneges would have been nothing without our fellow YouTubers. Make sure to check out their channels and show them some love!

Mark Rober:

More JStu:

J House Vlogs:

The Ohana Adventure:

Carter and Stephen Sharer:

Carl and Jinger Family:

Thanks for all the love, you guys!

Next stop? 2 billion views.

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