Battle of the Ages Giveaway
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It's Giveaway Time

Battle of the Ages is a competition for ALL ages, and this giveaway is too, with exciting prizes from two very different generations!

Enter below for the chance to win:

  • A Connect 4 game
  • A Nintendo Switch

It's the perfect prize pack for a family to enjoy together. And just in time for Christmas! See below for details on how to win.

Enter Here

Click HERE for a chance to enter. Or, follow the instructions in the form below.

Watch Battle of the Ages

Battle of the Ages Season 2 is barreling on with games and challenges to test the wits of even the most tech-savvy teens and world-wise grandparents. Don't miss any of the action! You can catch all of Battle of the Ages on demand right HERE.

Bring the Games Home

Done catching up on Season 2? Try your hand at some Battle of the Ages trivia in this ultimate pop culture quiz! Do you have what it takes to be a generations champ?

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