First Day of Class: YOU!
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Now it's YOUR turn!

Now that we've met all 13 Studio C cast members, the only thing we have left to do is meet is YOU!

Download and fill out the First Day of Class questions and the artwork portion of our Q & A for a chance to be featured on our blog!

Post your answers and your drawings to your favorite social media account and be sure to tag @StudioCtv and #StudioCFirstDayofClass.

We can't wait to meet the rest of our class members.

Get to know all 13 Studio C cast members!

If you missed any of our previous Studio C Q & A's, be sure to check out Jason's, Jeremy's, Natalie's, Adam's, Whitney's, Stacey's, Dalton's, Aaron's, Matt's, Tori's, Mallory's, Stephen's, and James' to get to know the Studio C cast just a little bit better!

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