Reverse Mad Libs with Mallory
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Studio C Reverse Mad Libs

With a handful of Reverse Mad Libs completed (scroll to the bottom to see them all), it's time we shared Mallory's story with you! (Spoiler alert: It's a love story of a squirrel and a beaver. Trust us, you don't want to miss it.)

For those of you new here, here is a quick rundown of how Reverse Mad Libs works:

  1. Create a unique story using nine specific words
  2. You HAVE to use nine words we give you
  3. The story can be as long/short, crazy/random, serious/funny as you want!

Here are the nine words the Studio C cast must use in their story:

Awkward, ice cream, ka-POW, announcement, heartbroken, acne, ripped, chore, and flibbertigibbet.

Reverse Mad Libs with Mallory!

Can you spot all nine words in Mallory's love story of a squirrel and a beaver?

One day a ripped squirrel fell hard for a beaver. Every day, when he was doing CrossFit on the river bank, he watched her working on her dam. The chore her wack, flibbertigibbet mom was always nagging her to finish. “You can’t sleep in an unstable dam. Cassandra” her mom would yell, and the squirrel’s crush would fire back “Don’t call me Cassandra, Debbie! You’re not my real mom!” and then Debbie would throw up her paws in fury and retreat into her own dam until it was time for the announcement that dinner was ready. To the squirrel, Cassie was ice cream on a hot day, acne on your worst enemy. But they were very different species. No matter how swoll he got, he could never make his bushy tail all flat and tough like beavers, and it was pretty likely that if he and Cassie ever had kids, they would most likely be handicapped, or awkward at best. So, heartbroken, the squirrel acquiesced to his love fate and settled for doing turbo squats while he lovingly overheard Cassie scream at her monster-wench mom “Boom goes the dynamite! He’d mutter to himself as he crested the top of another hip thruster “Ka-pow” Another leg lifter deluxe. Sometimes he swore he felt a change back there but not today. Today he’s still got that fluffy, piece of trash squirrel tale.

There Are More Stories Coming Your Way!

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We'll see you next week for an all-new Studio C reverse mad libs story from another cast member!

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