Download Relative Race Road Trip Activities
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It's summertime, and we all know there is no better time to hit the road! Whether you’re trekking across state lines or running errands around town, your journey is bound to have its memorable ups and downs. But how do you entertain yourself on these journies? Look no further, Relative Race has you covered. We've put together two printable Road Trip Activities to help pass the time on your next road trip.

With these Relative Race Road Trip Activity Worksheets, you can make the most of your journey—whatever and wherever it may be. Use these pages to capture your experience, relive your memories, and connect with your family history.

Download the Activity Worksheets HERE.

That's not all though, we also have printable Conversation Cards. Print and cut out these Conversation Cards to stash in your car’s glove box. Pull them out anytime for great road trip conversations!

Download the Conversation Cards HERE.

We hope that these Road Trip Activities not only help pass the time in the car, but also help you learn more about your family and friends! Don't forget to download the BYUtv app to watch Relative Race, or any BYUtv program, on your road trip!

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