The New Creatives: Kirby Ferguson
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Meet Kirby Ferguson

Kirby Ferguson is a Portland, Oregon-based filmmaker, writer, and speaker that likes to refer to himself as an idea DJ. Kirby believes that creativity is a remix and is greatly inspired by the creativity of others.

See what Kirby Ferguson and the The New Creatives are able to come up with together in the video below!

The Challenge: #TNCIdeaJockey

To put creativity and art to the test, Kirby Ferguson and The New Creatives team challenged you to try your hand at meshing ideas and mixing them together.

Here is one of our favorite submissions from the #TNCIdeaJockey challenge:

The Challenge Isn't Over

Creativity never stops and neither should you! We challenge you to test yourself, try something new, and see how well you do at becoming an idea DJ like Kirby Ferguson!

Make sure to hashtag your photos with #TNCIdeaJockey on your favorite social media platform so we can see your creation

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