Relative Race Season 4: More with Team Red
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Congratulations to Michael Brown and Austen Williams of Team Red on winning Season 4 of Relative Race!

More With Team Red

While the race has come to a close, there is still fun to be had and moments to be celebrated!

So join us as we ask Team Red some rapid fire questions and put them to the test in our minute to win it games.

And then keep scrolling to relive some of our favorite memories from Team Red's incredible 10-day journey on Relative Race as they met 18 relatives and traveled 1,772 across the country.

Rapid Fire Questions

How well does Team Red know themselves and each other? Find out in this exclusive video:


Minute To Win It Games

Yes, they can win Relative Race, but how good are they at our minute to win it games? Check it out!

Relative Race Recap

Join us as we recap some of our favorite memories from Team Red's remarkable journey on Relative Race:

Michael meets his sister and learns about the death of his father:

Michael meets his brother and they finish the day in first place:

Visiting the grave of Michael's father:

Congratulations to Team Red!

Congrats to Team Red on making it to Day 10 of Relative Race and winning $50,000! It was amazing following along on your journey.

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