April Rock

Studio C
April Rock is one of Studio C’s newest cast members. She grew up in Woodbridge, Connecticut, where her passion for acting (and also Dance Dance Revolution—but that’s a story for another time) developed at a young age. She appeared in high school productions and attended theater camp to become the best performer and theater nerd she knew she could be. After visiting her big brother in Los Angeles, she knew it was time to say bye-bye to the Big Apple and what’s up to sunny California! She's studied at Pepperdine University, UCB, Second City, John Rosenfeld Studios, and even had a lil' summer stint at Columbia University, which she really hopes made her dad proud (did it, Dad? Did it???). When she’s not performing, you can find April watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, listening to her all-time favorite musician, Pharrell, or Roller Skating on Tuesday mornings with the 50+ community.

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