Ike Flitcraft

Studio C
Ike Flitcraft is one of the newest cast members of Studio C. He hails from New Jersey, but stopped in Nashville for a few years on his way to the west coast. In Nashville, he fell in love with comedy, writing, and directing for his college sketch team, Fall Follies. For the last few years, he’s lived in Los Angeles, where he trained at UCB, iO and Second City. Outside of comedy, Ike’s interests include interior design, biking, and Ubering. Yes, Ubering is a hobby. Ike’s first job was as a stock boy at a small, old-timey general store in his one-stoplight farm town in New Jersey. Yes, this is basically the Springsteen song. Yes, New Jersey has farm towns. Ike was initially pursuing music until he found a career which would disappoint his parents more. Yes, he is joking. Ike’s parents are very supportive and are very happy for him.