Love was in the air for Studio C and its fans in the month of February! Not only did the cast pull out all the stops in the 2016 Valentine's Special episode with sketches like the return of the Mad Scientist and How to Read Flirting Signals, but they also launched their first ever limited edition set of Studio C Valentines.

Downloadable, printable, and free, these Studio C Valentines were wildly popular. The set included 12 fun, colorful Valentines cards with funny phrases from classic Studio C characters. From the romantic declaration of love from the Lobster Bisque waiter—"Hey baby, I found your dream boat. It's me!"—to Natalie and Mallory's friendly exchange—"You're no loser! Will you be my BFF?"—the fans just couldn't get enough.

Incredibly, in just a few weeks there were over 5,000 downloads. It's probably safe to assume that Studio C infiltrated schools across the nation in the days leading up to Valentine's Day! Fans also took to social media to talk about how much they loved the Valentines cards.

In total, the 12 featured sketches or characters were: Black Crayon, Scott Sterling, Mean Girls, Lobster Bisque, Aww Yeah Girl, Awkward Avoidance Viking, Mr. Eckelstone, Bernard with Dungeons and Dragons, Jeremy and his mustache, 2 Guys on a Scooter, Old Man ruins Graduation, and Ann Withers.

As a limited edition set, these printable Studio C Valentines are no longer available. However, Studio C Valentines just might come back next year with an all new set of 12 iconic characters and hilarious phrases...stay tuned.

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