A new high-flying, feel-good episode of Random Acts premiered last night, so we sat down with host Will Rubio to learn more about it.

Steffan Ellsworth suffers from a debilitating disease, and his family wants to fulfill his dream of flying before he loses his eyesight. Random Acts devised an incredible plan to give Steffan the aerial experience of a lifetime. Find out how it all unfolded by watching the new episode on-demand right here.

What was it like pulling off a surprise helicopter landing? Which Random Acts host has Will known for a whole decade? Check out our interview with the fun-loving prankster below to find out!

BYUtv: What was the most rewarding part of the "Copter Kindness" project?

Will: I loved giving Steffan and his brother, Aaron, a chance to catch up on top of a mountain. Sam, our producer, and I stepped away and let the brothers soak it all in. It was great to see. I'm pretty sure that's not how either of them expected their day to go when they woke up in the morning.

BYUtv: What is the most random thing that has happened while filming Season 2?

Will: One of the first segments we shot this season required an extra to be my fake date. The producers still hadn't found someone the day before the shoot, and my sister happened to visit me on set that day. I jokingly said she'd be perfect for the role, and somehow she ended up on set the next day! So, technically, I've been on a televised date with my sister!

BYUtv: Who would you say is the biggest crier on set?

Will: I think it's me. It always sneaks up on me, too. I've been blessed to be a part of quite a few random acts now, so I always think they will lose their luster at some point, but that isn't the case. When I finally meet the person we've been working to surprise and see their genuine shock and appreciation, it hits me in the feels. Emilie and Lisa are tied for second. Yes, I cry more than the ladies—and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

BYUtv: What is a little-known fact about one of the hosts?

Will: One little-known fact is that I met Lisa ten years ago. We've performed improv comedy together for a decade!

BYUtv: What is something fans don't know about the inner workings of Random Acts?

Will: The Random Acts crew doesn't get nearly enough credit. Our producers, camera ops, sound techs, and PAs not only work incredibly hard putting this show together, but they are so funny! We have the best time on set.

BYUtv: What is the best part of your job?

Will: Pretty much everything! How many people get to say they get paid to do nice things for others? It's unreal. I'm incredibly grateful to be a part of this show. I also love traveling for the show. This year we've been to San Diego, Catalina Island, Hawaii, and all over Utah. I've gotten to see beautiful places and meet some really cool people.


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