BYUtv is excited to announce that the do-good show of Random Acts will have a season 2 coming this spring! Random Acts is a TV series dedicated to doing random acts of service or "pranks" for unsuspecting people. In season 1, deeds ranged anywhere from giving free Uber rides, to impromptu a capella serenades, to surprising shoppers with groceries.

We recently interviewed a few of the hosts of the show to find out their thoughts on season 1 and what they were most excited about coming this spring. Lisa enthusiastically responded, "My favorite part of season 1 was seeing how fast people wanted to help join in on the surprises. Once we explained what we were doing, people went out of their way to add to it. It reminds me how good people are."

We then caught up with the show's producer Tom Morrill to see what his favorite part of the show was. "My favorite part of season one is ironically also one of the most difficult parts, and that's figuring out the show's structure. When you watch an episode it feels so put together, the flow is great, and the episode just flies by... getting all the episodes to feel like that is quite the challenge, and initially quite like the Rubik's Cube."



In addition to new episodes, season 2 will also have a new cast member. Stephen Jones will join Will Rubio, Emilie Starr, and Lisa Valentine Clark for benevolent fun. We asked Tom what his thoughts were on the new member of the team. "Stephen is a phenomenal addition to our cast this season and we feel very lucky to have him." He continued, "We were initially drawn to Stephen because he's just so fun to watch on screen, and after meeting him his desire to bring good into the world was apparent and in the end is a perfect fit for our show."

This heartwarming show proves that there is still good in the world. We asked host Emilie what she was most excited about in the upcoming season. "To help more people, of course! I hope we can reach farther. I feel like the skits are just getting more and more creative."

Join our 4 hosts as they travel to lift the hearts of people of all different backgrounds, and make sure that you watch season 2 this spring. If you can't wait for that, catch up on all of your favorite episodes from season 1!


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