With so many fun facts to choose from, which is your favorite so far? Was it from Mallory, Adam, or Jeremy? If you found it hard to pick a favorite we are about to make it even harder... today James is adding more fun facts to the list!


FUN FACT NUMBER 1: Last Sketch Filmed 

As you know, we filmed a TON of sketches for season 7, but do you know what the last sketch we filmed was? Well, that sketch was You Can Do Anything. See the full sketch here:



FUN FACT NUMBER 2: Student Writer

Something you may not know is that some of the sketches are written by someone other than the cast. An example of this is Remember The Titans: Extended Cut. This sketch was actually written by a student in Matt's writing class. You heard that right, Matt teaches a writing class at Brigham Young University and one of his students wrote a Studio C sketch. See it here:



FUN FACT NUMBER 3: Brotherly Love

Ya Coach was based on my real life. My brother, Greg, used to make fun of me by saying "Ya Coach" in the voice of the character. Not only that, but when I played basketball as a kid I was really awkward in the huddle. I would stand funny and always had my hands on my sides. If you want to see the sketch based off my life, see it here:




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