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Random Acts

Summer Sale on BYUtv Merchandise!

Published: June 28, 2017
By: Stevi Ginolfi

For one week only, all BYUtv merchandise is on sale! Find out the promo code here! [More]

Cast Your Vote for the Nicest Place in America with Reader’s Digest and Random Acts

Published: June 27, 2017
By: Emily Snow

Remember how Reader's Digest and Random Acts teamed up to find the nation's nicest place? Now the contest has been narrowed down to ten deserving finalists. [More]

Interview with Violist Shelby Ward, Giver and Receiver of Random Acts!

Published: June 23, 2017
By: Emily Snow

Having experienced Random Acts on both sides of the surprise, Shelby told us about the “absolutely surreal” experience of having her dream come true—and then paying it forward. [More]

Update on the Osborns from Random Acts

Published: June 17, 2017
By: Stevi Ginolfi

Update on the Osborn's from the season finale of Random Acts. [More]

Random Acts Season Finale & Will Rubio's Award-Winning, Olympic-Level Hobbies!

Published: June 12, 2017
By: Emily Snow

Watch Random Acts throw the ultimate baby shower for a mom expecting quadruplets, and find out more about host Will Rubio. [More]

Random Acts & Reader's Digest Team Up to Find America's Nicest Place!

Published: June 3, 2017
By: Emily Snow

In an article featured by Reader's Digest, Lisa Valentine Clark said, "America is full of nice places. And we're going to find them." [More]
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