Relative Race: Where Are They Now?
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Catch Up with the Teams

If you're anything like us, you've laughed, cried, and done everything in between while watching Relative Race teams connect with family for the first time. We've loved every minute of their journeys! But what about after the cameras turned off? What have the teams been up to since their seasons ended?

We're about to find out! Starting today, BYUtv will release a new Relative Race video every week, full of details on all our favorite people from across the seasons.

Be sure to check back to this post weekly to see the updates. For now, scroll down to see previous weeks' videos.

Season 3 Team Black Now

Rebecca Hoyt loves her relatives and says meeting them has been life-changing. Find out what she is doing now to give back to Relative Race and where life has led her since Season 3 ended.

Season 4 Team Red Now

Austen Williams and her father, Mike Brown, took their season by storm, winning the prize money and growing their family by over twenty relatives. Find out how these two used the money and how they still keep in touch with their newfound loved ones.

Season 6 Team Black Now

Jenn and J.D. Barnes say their journey on Relative Race was life changing. Watch the video below to find out how they're making their new family members part of their world.

Season 2 Team Blue Now

Duley and Kyla Williams had quite the adventure on the show. Find out in the video below what adventures they've been having since then.

Watch Relative Race

All episodes of Relative Race Seasons 2–6 are now available, which means it's rewatch time! Some things are too good to not see again, so settle in and click HERE to start streaming.

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