Super Girls of Summer: The Ladies of 9 Years to Neptune
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The crew of 9 Years to Neptune is blasting off across the solar system in this cosmic workplace comedy. They’re facing all the mishaps and mayhem of living together in space as they voyage to the planet Neptune.

It's no easy feat to keep everything in ship-shape when you’re a million miles from home. But thanks to the stellar ladies on board (and back on Earth), this mission has been nothing but smooth sailing—well, sort of smooth.

First up is Chief Science Officer, Sascha Boswick Van Doren III. She is supremely British, entirely no-nonsense, and as power-hungry as they come. But despite her abundant ambition, Van Doren is sure to provide much-needed advice to the crew and keep a cool head in a crisis.

Suzy Hewson has a spring in her step and is always ready to break into song. As onboard entertainment, she’s making sure there’s never a dull moment on this nine-year journey. While Suzy may be all smiles, she still knows how to be a shoulder to cry on when a friend is going through a tough time.

Kashmere Lopez is always ready with a selfie and a cute outfit. She’s the designated social media influencer for the mission, capturing every moment of candid craziness. But she’s not just Instagram posts and copious confidence, Kash is always ready to try something new. She’s living life to the fullest and snapping a pic to prove it.

Back on earth, Natalie Turlington (Andriana Manfredi) is the director of mission control. She’s as capable as they come, but she’s still got her hands full keeping this ship on course. The crew is constantly pushing her buttons, but there is nothing she wouldn't do for them.

But what makes these ladies so incredible is how they work together. Whether it's Kashmere and Natalie discovering they have a lot in common or Suzie and Sascha’s competitive cook-off, we love their relationships as they make this nine-year mission anything but boring.

If you’re looking for a show with:

  • A cast chock full of lovable misfits
  • Endless laughs
  • Quirky and capable female characters.
  • Puppets in space

Then you’ll love the ladies of 9 Years to Neptune.

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