The Wizard of Paws: A Family Discussion Guide
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The Wizard of Paws follows the career of prosthetics and orthotics designer Derrick Campana and his unconventional roster of clients: disabled pets and farm animals. In this docu-style reality show, Derrick travels around the globe customizing prosthetics to improve the mobility of animals, along with the families and communities who cherish them.

Who is Derrick Campana?

Derrick Campana is considered a pioneer in the field of Veterinary Orthotics and Prosthetics, as the first to address the challenges of animal mobility and offer the same level of prosthetic care as humans.

● Why do you think it took so long for someone to address animal mobility when prosthetics for humans in the U.S. have been around since the Civil War?

● Besides his hometown of Sterling, Virginia where his practice Bionic Pets is based, where else does Derrick treat animals?

● What attributes do you think make Derrick so good at what he does?

Animal Prosthetics

Prosthetics for animals? What an amazing scientific application! From casting to molding and to designing, Derrick goes through a meticulous process to ensure the perfect prosthetic for every one of his “patients.”

● What’s the first step Derrick uses to identify what will work best for an animal?

● What ailments do the animals have? Were they born with it? Were they in an accident?

● What application does Derrick use to engineer the prosthetics?

● Describe how Derrick uses the 3D printing process to produce a prosthetic?

● How does Derrick keep animals calm during the process of measuring and final attachment?


While most reality shows focus on a cast of human characters, Wizard of Paws producers spotlight animals on farms, homes, shelters and zoos.

● How many animals has Derrick helped?

● Why are these animals important to their owners? How do the relationships between the animals and their owners differ from episode to episode?

● Describe the disposition of the pet before and after? Do you think they are “happy” with their new prosthetic?

● What’s the most surprising animal Derrick has helped?

● What’s your favorite Wizard of Paws success story?

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