Wizard of Paws Coming April 8th
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Coming your way April 8th at 9:30 ET | 6:30 PT, The Wizard of Paws will make you as happy as a puppy!

Meet Derrick Campana, an animal-loving genius with an eye for crafting prosthetics—pet prosthetics. The Wizard of Paws follows Derrick through the journey of crafting each prosthetic and shows the life-changing impact his clever contraptions have for the animals they help.

Watch the show trailer below for a sneak peek of what Derrick can do!

Save the Date: April 8th

Don't miss the Wizard of Paws premiere on April 8th at 9:30 ET | 6:30 PT. You can catch the show on BYUtv, the BYUtv app, or BYUtv.org.

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