The Wizard of Paws: Election Night Marathon
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The Power of Pawsitivity

This election night, don't let the polls drag you down! Let the paws cheer you up! That's right, a Wizard of Paws marathon is headed your way to deliver an extra dose of warm fuzzies on Tuesday, Nov. 3rd, from 7 ET | 4 PT to 12:30 ET | 9:30 PT.

Catch a glimpse of the action to come in the video below. Then, scroll down to see the full marathon schedule!

Marathon Schedule

  • 7 ET | 4 PT: Lightning—Derrick builds braces for a six-month-old dwarf pony.

  • 7:30 ET | 4:30 PT: Avery—An energetic golden retriever receives new feet.

  • 8 ET | 5 PT: Turbo-Roo & Thor—Derrick makes customized 3D-printed carts for two Chihuahuas.

  • 8:30 ET | 5:30 PT: Ferdie—Ferdie is an energetic and fun-loving two-year-old goat who needs a new leg.

  • 9 ET | 6 PT: Bert—Derrick makes four braces for a sweet potbelly pig.

  • 9:30 ET | 6:30 PT: Pearl—A playful French Bulldog gets a new lease on life.

  • 10 ET | 7 PT: Elsa—Derrick creates four individualized prosthetics for one pup.

  • 10:30 ET | 7:30 PT: Gracie—A five-year-old dog gets a chance to run for the first time.

  • 11 ET | 8 PT: Bear—Derrick needs to build a total of twelve devices to help three different animals.

  • 11:30 ET | 8:30 PT: Yusi—Derrick travels to Bhutan to help a horse learn to walk again.

Watch The Wizard of Paws

Don't wait till Tuesday to get some feel-good vibes. All of The Wizard of Paws Season 1 is available to stream right now, right HERE.

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