Meet Kirby Heyborne!

Brace for a wave of comedy and caring—BYUtv's fantastic new show Making Good premieres September 11th at 8:30 ET | 5:30 PT!!! Join host Kirby Heyborne as he gets his hands dirty working with charities all across the United States and learns exactly what it takes to make good.

Now it's time to meet Kirby! Watch the video below to learn all about this do-gooder comedian.

BYUtv: Tell us five things about yourself.

Kirby: I'm fun, I'm cuddly, I cry easily. I like Cheez-Its. I love my wife.

BYUtv: If you could do anything all day, what would it be?

Kirby: Sitting on the couch with my kids and my wife, watching BYUtv.

BYUtv: What’s one thing you could eat every day of your life?

Kirby: I could eat Cheez-Its every day of my life. We're not allowed to have them in our house because of that. I grab them by the fist-full.

BYUtv: What’s a talent you wish you had?

Kirby: I would love to be able to look at somebody and draw them.

BYUtv: What’s your life motto?

Kirby: My life motto is "be kind."

BYUtv: Tell us about Making Good.

Kirby: Making Good highlights people around the country doing good. I find organizations that do a lot of good. There's a lot of hard work, and I just dive right in. The main thing that we wanted to achieve with this show is help people realize that you don't need to go to a far-off destination in order to do good. There are people that need good, that are already doing good, in your neighborhood.

BYUtv: Describe the show in three words.

Kirby: You've got heart, you've got funny, and you've got awkwardness.

BYUtv: What does a day on set look like?

Kirby: So, a typical day when we're filming Making Good: we wake up, I usually do about 50 burpees, then we go out and we find the people that we've already made contact with.

I go in and kind of make a fool of myself. One fun thing: at the end of every day, no matter how late it is, we all take a shot of apple cider vinegar and honey. I guess it's to maybe realize that no matter how hard it was, nothing is worse than the apple cider vinegar that we're drinking right now.

BYUtv: What’s the craziest thing you’ve had to do for the show?

Kirby: Nothing's been too crazy. They've just been really hard. I think the hardest one was crushing cans. That was physically demanding. I think another hard one was cleaning up after a bunch of dogs.

Older dogs have a problem with incontinence. When you are hanging out in a room with about 30 dogs, you've got to change the blankets frequently. And that was really gross.

BYUtv: What’s your advice for those trying to do good?

Kirby: For those people who are trying to do good in the world, go out and do it. It doesn't have to be big. You can start with just a smile, you can start with a hug, and then you move on to their lawn. Go up to someone's door and say, "Hey, can I mow your lawn?"

That's the most important thing—making people feel like they're important. And once they do, then all walls and barriers fall down. That's what makes the world a better place. So, the service kind of becomes secondary. It's the relationship that comes from telling someone they're important, that you care about them—that's what makes the world better.

BYUtv: Give three reasons why people will love the show.

Kirby: You can see people doing good. It'll connect you as a family. You'll be inspired to do good yourself! That's great.


Pumped for the show? Watch the video below for an exciting teaser!

Stay tuned for more fun Making Good features on the blog leading up to the September 11th at 8:30 ET | 5:30 PT premiere!