What’s better than all your favorite TV shows all in one place? All your favorite TV shows all in one place that you can access anytime for free! That’s right, BYUtv’s collection of electrifying and enlightening entertainment is available to stream free of charge 24-7.

So whether you’re looking for a pick-me-up or needing some more excitement in your day, BYUtv has just what the doctor ordered.

Check out our lineup of top shows below.


Laugh till your sides ache with our award-winning comedy shows.

Studio C

Hilarious sketch comedy that always keeps it clean.

Show Offs

No script. No rehearsals. No kidding! Brilliant improv musical comedy with special guest stars.


Magician Eric Leclerc’s a whiz with mind-bending pranks.

Great Scripted Entertainment

Dwight in Shining Armor

Medieval magic meets modern-day Middle America.

Hetty Feather

The irresistible adventures of a headstrong orphan with a heart of gold.

Family Competition

Burn off some steam with some classic family rivalry on TV.

Dinner Takes All

Two families compete to make the perfect meal and a chance to win $10,000!

Battle of the Ages

Families flex their pop-culture knowledge in a head-to-head battle.

Best Cake Wins

One kid’s imagination puts two cake makers to the test.


Get ready for a round of classic comfort and extra heart in your home.

Random Acts

Heartwarming hijinks that make people’s dreams come true.

Making Good

Comedian Kirby Heyborne travels the country to help those who help those in need.

The Fixers

A team of globetrotting good guys builds a better world.

Family Adventure

From breathtaking plummets to adrenaline-spiking standoffs, get your thrill’s with BYUtv’s adventure shows.

Relative Race

The race to discover these four teams’ roots is in their DNA.

The Parent Trip

Celebrities go on death-defying adventures with their parents!

All-Round Champion

Ten young athletes. Ten unbelievable challenges. One amazing competition!

How to Watch BYUtv

  1. Stream shows online on BYUtv and watch them live or on demand.


  1. Download the free BYUtv App and enjoy all shows in high definition anytime, anywhere!

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So pop some popcorn and settle in with your loved ones to enjoy BYUtv.