Splatalot! With Co-Host Stacey
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Coming in April, BYUtv's Newest Game Show, Splatalot!

In BYUtv's newest game show, Splatalot!, groups of teenagers fight against the clock and the Defenders as they tackle a medieval-themed obstacle course to capture the Crown of Splatalot!.

We interviewed Splatalot! co-host, Stacey, for a look inside this new show and to get an idea of what it's like working with his co-host, Tori.

Stacey's Take on Splatalot!

BYUtv: Tell us about Splat-a-lot!.

Stacey: Splatalot! is like if you took a game show, a fun house, and life-threatening challenges and put them all in a blender. Every episode is chalk full of mayhem, fails, and hopefully laughs.

BYUtv: Tell us about the competitors.

Stacey: They’re pretty much people like you but between the ages of 12-14. They’re regular people thrown into a chaos. IT’S THE BEST!

BYUtv: Which obstacle would you be the best at?

Stacey: All of them!

BYUtv: Which obstacle would you be the worst at?

Stacey: None of them!

On Co-Hosting With Tori

BYUtv: What’s it like working with Tori?

Stacey: Working with Tori is like injecting pure gasoline in your veins even though you’re allergic to it.

BYUtv: What is a funny moment that happened behind-the-scenes?

Stacey: Everytime Tori opened her mouth I was dying. The hardest part is to keep from laughing when Tori is in one of her fits.

BYUtv: What would Tori say is her favorite thing about co-hosting with you?

Stacey: Learning from someone as strong and noble as I am! Lol, jk! Tori and I are like siblings so we play well together. She totally knows how to make me laugh so you never know what we're going to do or say.

More About Stacey

BYUtv: What’s the most extreme thing you’ve ever done?

Stacey: Ever? I don’t know… Cliff jumping was probably the freakiest thing I’ve ever done.

BYUtv: Tell us your most embarrassing moment.

Stacey: HA! I have way too many. Once I sang a duet with my mom at church but the song was WAAAAY to high for me and when I got to the high notes it was a mixture of screaming and cracking.

BYUtv: On a scale from super indoorsy to super outdoorsy – where do you land?

Stacey: I LOVE the outdoors… but I also love chilling indoors… I’m pretty amphibious and can do both.

BYUtv: Who are the 3 people on your emergency contact list and why?

Stacey: I think just my dad because I haven’t changed it since High School…

Don't miss this hilarious new show coming to BYUtv on April 2nd, at 6:30 pm MT.

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