An Interview with John Legend
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Watch Christmas Under the Stars Starring John Legend

Lights, camera, music! Singer and songwriter John Legend brings the excitement of Christmas to life in BYUtv's newest Christmas Under the Stars concert. Featuring beloved classics like “Silver Bells” and a collection of John Legend’s original songs, including “All of Me,” it’s a seasonal celebration you won’t want to miss!

Watch the concert HERE.

Interview with John Legend

We hope you loved watching John Legend's Christmas concert as much as we did! Now, learn even more about this talented performer in the exclusive, behind-the-scenes interview below about the making of Christmas Under the Stars!

Russ Kendall, Producer: Who doesn't love John Legend? John is just an incredibly likable individual, let alone just the incredible talent that he has. He's got an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony. So you know, he's beloved by many.

John Legend: My favorite song I'm doing tonight—I love “This Christmas.” I love “What Christmas Means to Me,” and, what else, I love performing "Merry Christmas, Baby." This is the first time that we've done a proper television production of our Christmas show. So, I'm excited that BYUtv came to us and asked us to do this concert because it's a perfect way to make sure more people got to see us having so much fun doing this Christmas show.

Russ: Christmas Under the Stars is not your typical concert. We are taping this, a live show for broadcast, but we also need to be thinking ahead for how this will be seen on a mobile device or when you're streaming it at home or watching it with your family. We've been working on this particular show for about a month and a half, pretty extensively working with John Legend's team, working hand-in-hand on all aspects from wardrobe design, set design, designing the set list, to how the flow of things will go.

John: So we embrace that whole Motown vibe—Ray Charles, Nat King Cole. That's what fun about Christmas is you can be unabashedly nostalgic and a little bit, you know, cheesy. In a good way.

Russ: It's not just the live-show component. We also spend a day with John doing intimate performances and interviews and chats where we kind of pull back the curtain a little bit and learn more about him and how some of the songs came about and learning his Christmas memories and traditions.

John: For my family growing up (I grew up in Springfield, Ohio) Christmas was really about the music. We would gather around my grandmother's piano and sing. That really was the fondest memory I have of Christmas, and that's why I wanted to make my Christmas album and perform these songs is because those songs meant so much to me. And I wanted to extend the tradition that my family started when I was young.

Russ: Well, music unifies, and his music is full of hope. It's full of joy. I think he speaks to the heart of people. He finds those common themes that resonate. It's a fun show, it's a colorful show, and it's a lively show. It's really fun for families to sit down and watch together.

John: I'm excited. I'm thrilled to do this show. I'm excited to share this with so many people, and hopefully everybody enjoys it and we create some beautiful memories for you.

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