Painting the Town Season 3 Giveaway!
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To celebrate another adventurous season of Painting the Town with Eric Dowdle, we're giving away season 3 puzzles! Keep reading to find out how to have a chance to win.

Win the Season 3 Puzzle Pack!

To celebrate the end of another season of travels on BYUtv’s Painting the Town with Eric Dowdle, we’re giving away season 3 puzzles that includes some of our favorite puzzles from this season's travels! The puzzles include Bermuda, Prince Edward Island, Seattle, Martha's Vineyard, Niagara Falls, Puerto Vallarta, Mackinac Island, and Sydney! Enter for the chance to win these puzzles, and remember…the more entries you complete, the greater your chances are of winning!

Painting the Town with Eric Dowdle Puzzle Giveaway

Binge Watch the ENTIRE Season!

From Hong Kong to Bermuda, Seattle to Martha's Vineyard, Eric traveled all over the world in Season 3 of Painting the Town, and it was worth every minute! Now's your chance to binge-watch the entire season on, the BYUtv app, or by clicking the episodes below.

Also included in this list are the travel guides for each destination Eric visited! Now it's time for YOU to explore these amazing cities!


Join folk artist Eric Dowdle as he dives right into the natural beauty of Bermuda—literally! From swimming with tropical fish to venturing into the infamous Bermuda Triangle, Eric soaks it all in.

Check out the Bermuda travel guide!

Prince Edward Island, Canada

Don't miss Eric's trip to the famous Prince Edward Island, the setting of Anne of Green Gables, where he visits the historical recreation of Anne's home and learns the ins and outs of working on an oyster farm.

Check out the Prince Edward Island travel guide!

Seattle, Washington

Join Eric on his visit back to Seattle, Washington, the site of his first folk art piece, where he sketches atop the Space Needle, carves wood with a Native American, and fishes for salmon in Puget Sound.

Check out the Seattle travel guide!

Hong Kong, China

Ever wonder what one of the tallest cities in the world looks like? Come catch a glimpse as Eric travels to Hong Kong, the skyscraper capital of the world, and visits the Cantonese Opera, rides on a dragon boat, and helps care for a giant panda.

Check out the Hong Kong travel guide!

Niagara Falls, New York

Get the best of both worlds as Eric visits both the American and Canadian sides of the beautiful Niagara Falls on a trip complete with homemade poutine and a helicopter ride. The only downside? Trying to keep his sketchbook dry!

Check out the Niagara Falls travel guide!

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Eric's travels have taken him to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and he wants you to join him as he delves into the local culture by making authentic Mexican food and joining a mariachi band!

Check out the Puerto Vallarta travel guide!

Mackinac Island, Michigan

Eric's headed to Mackinac Island, Michigan, and you're invited to join him as he tours the famous Grand Hotel, learns to fire a cannon, and meets up with some local lumberjacks who teach him how to log roll.

Check out the Mackinac Island travel guide!

Sydney, Australia

Eric's made his way to Australia, and what better way to celebrate the local flavor than to learn to play the digeridoo, personally tour the Sydney Opera House, and become an honorary koala-keeper? Join him as he makes a few "mates" along the way!

Check out the Sydney travel guide!

Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts

Eric's headed to the East Coast, and he's itching to bring you along to see Martha's Vineyard! Join him as he sketches iconic Gingerbread Houses, makes his very own weathervane, and takes a plunge off of the famous JAWS Bridge.

Check out the Martha's Vineyard travel guide!

Kenya, Africa

Join Eric as he traverses the Kenyan savanna to create a safari-inspired painting. You wont want to miss the fun adventures along the way as he teaches an art class to young students and takes a mud bath with baby elephants!

Check out the Kenya travel guide!

And That's a Wrap!

Thanks for tuning in to Painting the Town with Eric Dowdle for Season 3—we hope you're inspired to travel the world to experience new things and to meet new people. Don't forget to enter our puzzle giveaway above, and safe travels!

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