Christmas Under the Stars: An Interview with Pat Monahan from Train
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This year, BYUtv is excited to feature Train in a special Christmas Under the Stars concert that airs this Sunday, Dec. 9, at 6pm MT.

To get you excited for this special premiere of Christmas Under the Stars with Train, we sat down with Pat Monahan, the lead singer of Train, to get an insider look at the concert and hear some of his favorite parts of Christmas!

BYUtv: What is your favorite part of Christmas?

Pat Monahan: My favorite part of Christmas is getting presents, isn't that everybody's favorite part? Actually, it's seeing my kids and how excited they are when they walk into a room filled with fun, happiness on Christmas morning is pretty cool. You can't beat that.

BYUtv: What is your favorite Christmas song to perform?

Pat Monahan: I'm not sure what my favorite Christmas song to perform is. There are so many. We do Joni Mitchell's “The River” and it's a very unlikely Christmas song that someone would do, but it feels the most personal. It's a pretty beautiful song, so it's probably that, but I love Donny Hathaway, so doing “This Christmas” is super fun too. And then I wrote a song called “Shake Up Christmas,” years ago that, it's a great finish song. A great finale.

BYUtv: How do you want this concert to make people feel?

Pat Monahan: You know I think the best part of Train over the years is that we can play songs for little kids and their grandparents and they all have smiles on their faces. That's really what I always shoot for during a live performance is that the whole place is filled with a little bit of joy. A relief from real life, you know.

Don't forget to watch Pat Monahan in Christmas Under the Stars with Trainthis Sunday, Dec. 9, at 6pm MT on BYUtv. And psssst! If you want a major sneak peek at the show, watch the video below!

If you've missed any Christmas Under the Stars concerts from previous years, you can watch them RIGHT HERE!

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