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Questions with Dinner Takes All Judges, Kardea Brown and Eddie Zamora

We've introduced you to host, Kelsey Nixon, and now it's time to meet your Dinner Takes All judges, Kardea Brown and Eddie Zamora!

But before we do, don't forget to mark your calendars for the Dinner Takes All premiere happening on March 20th at 7pm MTon BYUtv!

And now without further ado, Kardea and Eddie!

Kelsey: Hey guys, I'm Kelsey Nixon host of Dinner Takes All, a new game show that celebrates family, food, and fun. We want to introduce you to our judges. Take it away Kardea.

Kardea: Well, I am Kardea Brown. I am a chef and supper club owner. You can find me on Instagram and Facebook @kardeaskuisine. I am southern too, very southern from Charleston, South Carolina but raised in Atlanta, Georgia.

Eddie: And I am Eddie Zamora, a.k.a. @theyumyumfoodie on all the social media and my name says it all. I am a major foodie and travel all over the world eating as much as I possibly can.

Kelsey: Best thing you've ever eaten?

Eddie: Whoo, the best thing I've ever eaten is, it's a ham jamon iberico from Spain and it's called Maldonado. It's like the rarest one you can have in the world. And I tried it one time and it kind of ruined ham for me.

Kelsey: In Spain, I hope.

Eddie: Yes, I had it in Barcelona. My favorite city in the world.

Kelsey: Yes, I love Barcelona too. It's amazing. And Kardea, favorite southern dish?

Kardea: It would have to be shrimp and grits. That's a Charleston thing, we've perfected it. We originated it and perfected it so shrimp and grits is my go-to.

Kelsey: Well, tell us a little bit about your roles on the show. Eddie?

Eddie: Well, Kardea and I are both judges on Dinner Takes All. We have to take a lot into consideration that these families bring forward with their meals. And our three categories that we judge on is presentation, creativity, and top of the list is taste.

Kelsey: Yes. Yes. Anything else Kardea? How do you view your role on the show?

Kardea: Well, I think I take more of the heart approach. I want to know about the family's story, I want to see their dynamic in the kitchen. It's not just what they bring forward to us, but just how they interact outside of the kitchen at home, or when they're in their everyday lives.

Kelsey: I love that. I think that my favorite thing about this show is that it really celebrates the family meal in a way that I haven't seen in a television format before. So, we really are, it's not just about the best chefs in the country. We just want to get to know these families and what they make for one another around their dinner tables. I think that's so nice.

Kelsey: Tell me a little bit about what viewers can expect when they tune in to the show?

Eddie: Whoo, they can expect a die-hard competition. It is a ton of fun, but there's a time crunch, there's a fun game, or fun games that come about at certain probably opportune moments, when folks are busy doing something in the kitchen that they shouldn't be stepping away from. So, it does create a fun bit of drama there.

Kardea: Yeah. My favorite game, Huge Hands. I mean, flipping pancakes with gigantic gloves, I mean, who would have ever thought. That's my favorite but it's really fun, there's a lot of laughter. There's a lot of heartfelt moments, but it's intense. When that $10,000 is on the line.

Kelsey: I also love that this to me is the perfect program that the family can sit down and watch together. You can get your kids, you can get mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, whoever it is. And this show really does have something for everyone. And I hope that people feel that as they watch it, they can actually take something with them back to their own home kitchens as well.

Eddie: It's funny that you mention that because when Kardea and I are at the judge's panel, I always find at least one thing from each family that I connect to my family, whether it's a dish, or whether it's the way mom treats the kids or just the interaction between grandma and the kids, and it's such a beautiful thing that I haven't seen on TV yet. That family aspect.

Kelsey: You know, food is such this universal subject matter that we all can relate to it in one way or another. And I think people are really gonna get that whole idea of family, food, and fun when they watch Dinner Takes All.

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