All of Us Together #InThisTogether
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We here at BYUtv want to be with you even when we can’t, so our fantastic hosts and cast members are coming to you through social media!

Over the next week we'll be sharing daily videos of our hosts and cast members filming themselves from home to let you know that you're not alone and that we're all in this together. Follow BYUtv on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to catch them all.

Scroll down for a schedule of everyone you can expect to hear from!

#InThisTogether Schedule

We hope you find these messages as fun and inspiring as we do. Press play or click the links to see videos that have already been posted!

Friday, April 3rd

Saturday, April 4th

Sunday, April 5th

Monday, April 6th

  • Sam Payne, host of BYUradio's The Apple Seed
  • Wayne Brady, host of Wayne Brady's Comedy IQ on Instagram LIVE at 7 ET | 4 PT

Tuesday, April 7th

Wednesday, April 8th

Thursday, April 9th

Friday, April 10th

Saturday, April 11th

Sunday, April 12th

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