Ancestor Box Giveaway from Relative Race
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Ancestor Box Giveaway from Relative Race

Ancestor Box Giveaway from Relative Race

Would you like to discover more about one of your ancestors, just like the contestants on Relative Race? Here’s your chance to do it in a fun way!

To celebrate the Season 3 premiere this past Sunday, Relative Race is giving away one custom Ancestor Box made exclusively for the lucky winner. The Ancestor Box comes with items specially selected as clues. As you open each clue, you’ll learn more about your ancestor. The box also contains a profile book with information about your ancestor's life, personality, and history, along with interesting stories and documents. Through its pages, your ancestor will come to life.

Enter for your chance to win a custom Ancestor Box! Giveaway ends Friday, March 9, 2018.

Make sure to tune in for new episodes of Relative Race. Season 3 airs Sundays at 7 PM MT on the BYUtv channel or streaming at or on the free BYUtv app for iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox One, and more.

Ancestor Box Giveaway from Relative Race

Social Media Unboxings

Some of our favorite YouTubers and social media personalities let us dive into their genealogy and create Ancestor Boxes for them. See their unboxings below.

Candi and Ken of the YouTube Channel, Our Family Nest

Natalia and Jeff of the YouTube Channel, The Johnson Fam

Jesse and Terra of the YouTube Channel, SmellyBellyTV

Kirby of the YouTube Channel, kirbyisaboss

Kristine of the YouTube Channel, Family Fun Pack

Close-up Photos of Ancestor Boxes

For our YouTube friends, each box was carefully researched and crafted around his or her selected ancestor with the help of professional genealogists (the same genealogists who do research for our competing Relative Race teams). Take a look at the details! Each box is different and unique, and the winner's box will be, too.

Kirby's ancestor, James Courtney, worked as a shoemaker, lived in a log cabin, and came from Ireland to Nothern America.

Kirby's Ancestor Box Close-up Kirby's Ancestor Box Close up, Image 2

Kristine's ancestor, the famous composer Georg Frideric Handel, was born in the late 1600s in Halle, Saxony, Germany, and eventually created world-famous musical pieces like Messiah.

Kristine's Ancestor Box Close-up Kristine's Ancestor Close-up, Image 2
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