We are happy to announce that Android users can now play live TV streams on byutv.org and byutvsports.com. As Android users are well aware, video streaming support for Android devices has been a little sketchy, especially for live streams. There are several reasons for this and a brief discussion of those challenges can be found here. Features such as adaptive bit rate playback and closed captions have been difficult to support on Android since the demise of Flash on Android. We have enabled live and on-demand video playback on Android through the use of a third party app called "Hook", which was developed by our online video partner, Ooyala. Hook supports closed captioning and adaptive bit rate video and offers Android users a great video playback experience.

When you first attempt to play a BYUtv video on an Android device, you will be prompted to download the Hook app from the Google Play store. Once Hook is installed, it will launch automatically every time you play video on byutv.org or byutvsports.com. After watching the video, you can easily return to our websites by hitting the back button on your Android device. It is a seamless experience after you install Hook.

You can install Hook on your Android device by clicking here. For more information on Hook, go here.

Happy video streaming to our Android users!