Many of you have seen the season finale of Random Acts where we helped Jason and Clarissa Osborn prepare for a life-changing event: the birth of their quadruplets. This week, the quadruplets arrived earlier than expected at 23 weeks. The Osborn girls had struggled after birth and after losing two girls initially, we're saddened to report that the family has now lost all four of the quadruplets. 




The morning that the Osborn family lost the last two girls, Jason reached out to us stating he wanted to immediately find a worthy cause or family to donate the items given to them during the baby shower Random Acts arranged for them. Candidly, we were shocked. Here they were in the midst of tragedy- and yet they were thinking of others.


Jason and Clarissa decided to donate the items to Intermountain Healing Hearts, an organization near and dear to the Osborns because Shanna Osborn suffered from congenital heart disease before her eventual departure last year. The Osborns are clearly no strangers to tragedy. They're also incredible examples of turning tragedy into triumph, intent on paying forward acts of kindness and bringing awareness of congenital heart disease issues to others.


We meet a LOT of kind people on Random Acts, but seldom have we seen as loving and kind people as Jason and Clarissa. We're inspired by their selflessness in the face of tragedy and send them all our love, prayers, and support at this time. Last of all, we hope their amazing act of kindness inspires more acts and helps everyone see the good in the world.


-The Random Acts Family