Programming Note: Watch The 5,000 Days Project: Two Brothers in the video above.

In the unique new documentary series The 5,000 Days Project, director Rick Stevenson sets off to present an authentic depiction of growth and growing up from the perspective of over 100 different kids through 10 years of their lives. Stevenson not only shows their highlights and joys but also their struggles and heartaches in coming to know who they are and what they stand for. This daunting project finds its first success in the completion of 'Two Brothers', the story of Sam and Luke Nelson and their struggle to find love for each other and themselves.

The scope of this project is remarkable: in addition to simply telling the story of two maturing young boys, the film also allows viewers to watch the candid development of 10 years in the matter of an hour and a half. Stevenson’s interviews are honest presentations of what the boys actually feel and how those feelings alter from childhood to young adulthood, including their struggles with brotherhood, depression, peer pressure, forgiveness and growth in their Mormon faith. As a Protestant Christian, Stevenson got a front-seat view of the oft-misunderstood LDS religion, and the result is a compelling, eye-opening account of growing up in America today.

Although Sam and Luke were worlds apart in their early years and had to struggle for a meaningful relationship with one another, the two become nothing short of best friends—telling each other everything. As Luke notably mentions, “some people have a journal; I have an older brother.” Their journey, though not necessarily unique, is told in a unique way that allows them to keep long-term perspective in their lives.

The humanistic approach to this documentary catches the intricacies of candid emotion, giving viewers the opportunity to empathize and remember what it is like to grow up. Follow Sam and Luke from junior high to high school, high school to college, and college to their respective LDS missions in Chile and Cambodia. Each portion of their lives is filled with age-specific trials, and it is fascinating to see not only their physical and emotional growth, but also their growth morally and spiritually.

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