Let's face it. Life is awkward. 

Most of us can't stumble through the day without encountering a situation that makes us feel a tad uncomfortable. Maybe you trip up (or down) the stairs in a public place, drawing the unpleasant glares of dozens of strangers. Or perhaps your four-year-old reveals a not-so-nice word he learned at school at a major family event. And we've all tried to pass someone in the hall, only to have them attempt to pass us in the same direction. 

Studio C, a new comedy series coming to BYUtv next Monday, captures the essence of these awkward moments in some of its sketches. Why? Because awkward moments make life hilarious! And if you can't ever laugh at life, well, you're probably a robot. A grumpy, gloomy robot.

Watch the funny promos below to get an idea of what Studio C is like. And watch BYUtv on Monday, October 8, at 9pm ET/7pm MT to see the series premiere.

Robots rejoice!