Get ready for a race unlike any other.

Four teams race from San Francisco to New York in 10 days. Their goal?  Find unknown relatives, complete challenges, and don't get eliminated.

What is Relative Race?

Relative Race host Dan J. Debenham described how BYUtv’s original competition reality show came into being: “What could we create that would be very different from what’s currently out there and that would show people discovering family all across the country?"







Debenham continues, "From that challenge, given to us by BYUtv and AncestryDNA, came Relative Race. It’s a hybrid of The Amazing Race and a genealogy search. It mixes the best of both worlds.”

From heartwarming reunions to shocking discoveries, Relative Race is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Contestants must travel across the nation in just ten days, completing challenges and meeting unknown relatives along the way—all in pursuit of a $25,000 grand prize.

In the series premiere, watch the four competing couples take off from the starting line in San Francisco and experience the ups and downs of day one.

Who will win? Tune in to the adventure on February 28 at 6 PM MT.