In case you missed it, cast members of Relative Race season 2 were at the RootsTech conference last weekend. RootsTech is the world’s largest genealogy convention, and the perfect place for Relative Race fans to gather and predict the next season of Relative Race.

 There was a full house as host Dan J. Debenham, black team’s Joe Greer, and blue team’s the Williams answered questions about their experience finding family members and how the show was produced. One of the most popular questions asked was, “When teams are eliminated, do they still get the chance to meet their unknown family members?” The answer was YES! Even when team members receive three strikes and are eliminated from the show, they receive the names and contact information of unknown family members so that they can contact them themselves.

The Williams also shared their biggest fear when going on the show. Kyla Williams experienced a lot of anxiety when it came to leaving her children during the race. In her own words, "my biggest fear was having an accident and not being able to go home to my kids." She continued, "Just leaving them was so emotional, but the experience we gained was all worth it in the end."

A question that was a fan favorite was when Joe Greer shared the story of how he and his wife met. "Maddie and I actually met on social media." He tells of seeing this beautiful redhead in one of his friend's Instagram photos. The two later dated long distance, eventually met up in Nashville, and later got married. Joe goes on, "I still don't know how I convinced her to marry me." He also talked about his personal story when deciding to do the show and how his wife played a huge supporting role in him gaining the courage to find his family.


Attendees also got an exclusive sneak peek of season 2 and an opportunity to apply to be a contestant on season 3. But don’t worry! If you, too, want to be on Relative Race Season 3, you can still apply before February 28. Click here for more info and your chance to find family.

Fans on social media also got a great preview of our contestants on the Relative Race Facebook page. Social media manager Peter Brown did a Facebook live video with the blue team before the panel to get fans excited, click here to watch the video and make sure you like the page to get updates.

Overall, fans were thrilled to see Relative Race at RootsTech, and the sneak preview really showed the amazing content that is coming this season. As one fan put it, "I am excited to see the emotion of the family members they find. I know its going to be pretty tender, and I am so excited for that."

Thank you so much to all our fans for coming and checking out our panel. You can catch up on season 1 here, and you can get the latest updates on Relative Race's Twitter and Instagram. We can’t wait for you to see season 2 premiering March 5th at 7 PM MT.